Jerry Waxler

I wish the rest of the Cyber Connections team would stop thinking about a couch when I tell them I’m a therapist. “No, no, no,” I say. “Coach! Not couch.” But it keeps coming up so I finally stopped complaining and went over to their side. What’s wrong with couches? They’re comfortable and homey. People have fun on couches.

Couches are fine things, especially if sitting in one inspires people to tell me their story. Because that’s what I do. I listen to people and help them figure out how to get what they want. If a sofa helps people get what they want, bring on the sofas.

The beauty of sofas is that there’s no rule about which one is right. There are large sofas, small sofas. Flamboyant ones and prim ones. There are sofas you want to start a family on and ones you want to raise a family on.

So pull up a sofa and tell me your story. Together we can figure out how to get to the next step. Can I get you a cup of coffee?