Don Lafferty

I was born and raised in Philadelphia. After attending Penn State at the end of the 70’s, I did a four year hitch flight testing guidance systems for Air Force Systems Command out of White Sand Missile Range in Alamogordo, New Mexico.

 There I developed a love for technology that propelled me into high tech sales at the beginning of the personal computer boom. Today I’m regarded as a leader in the field. My sales and product training programs, crafted for 3M Corporation, Flextronics International, Avnet and many other companies, have strengthened the careers of thousands of sales people resulting in billions of dollars in revenue for their firms. 

 In addition to years writing corporate communications, ad copy, and training programs, I’ve written on a wide variety of subjects for trade periodicals in the technology and sales sectors, as well as essays, op-ed pieces, lifestyle articles and fictional short stories for magazines, newspapers and web based publications. 

 My current major projects include the non-fiction books Social Tsunami: Real Stories of Riding the Internet Wave, with the infamous MC-3 Squad,  The Writer’s Guide to Marketing and Publicity with Jonathan Maberry and Kim Nagy and A Field Guide for the Rookie Coach.

 Today I reside in my hometown of Philadelphia where my son and three daughters ensure I have no free time.