Carron Morris

I’ve backpacked Europe and Israel alone, visited the Gaza strip, the Golan Heights and almost been blown up by a suicide bomber (okay, that wasn’t exactly by choice). I’ve scuba dived with hammerheads and sea snakes and parachuted from a plane, (but not all at the same time.)  I’ve taught insect and arachnid safaris and I’ve eaten fried grasshoppers, chocolate dipped ants and even a live oyster (that was a big mistake, dinner should always be dead.)

So, how come Brussels sprouts really make me gag, I can’t bear to get anywhere near the edge of the Empire State building, even on the fourth floor, I was once cornered in a room by a fairly small garden spider and I’ve never managed to sit through an entire horror movie, even with my hands over my eyes!

England, Israel, Hong Kong and the U.S have all been places I’ve been lucky enough to call home, at some point in time.  I’ve practiced as a physiotherapist, coached at Special Olympics and tutored at the soup kitchen but learnt more than I could ever have taught.  I’m also privileged to edit a newsletter for parents of children with Down syndrome and write a column, Natasha’s Life.

I’ve raised three beautiful children and one gorgeous husband but know that they’ve done a far better job of raising me.  Now, tell me your story.